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PDF File: Oct 2018 Medications

PDF File: Nov 2018 Medications

Vital Record: Upto Last Appointmnt
Oct Nov, 2018 Dr Hsu, Pain Management ER Morphine & Fentanyl Perscriptions October & November 2018 TBD TBD
PDF File: Click Here June 1st, 2018 1PM Pain MGT Comprehensive Pain Specials Medical Evaluation Report Dr Smith TBD
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Oct 13th, 2017 1:30PM Kaiser Permanente Dr Lynne Diem-Mi Do TBD
PDF File: Click Here Dec 27th 2016 Aurora Medical Center Evaluation Upon Repatriation from Philippines Dr Brian Miller TBD
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 Surgery Video posted on YouTube
April 25th, 2016 MDMRC Research Hospital, Philippines Adhesion Release Surgery with link to discharge report and video of this surgery posted on YouTube, Adhesiolysis performed at MDMRC Hospital, Davao City, Davao Del Sur, Philippines. As stated above in the doctors summary on my condition they could only do so much it was that bad in there. I am a resident of the Philippines. All the doctors in the united states had told me the scar tissue following the massive bile leak and injury to my pancreas was not able to be fixed by surgery. However, I wanted to see if I could get off the pain medicines and have surgery. They did a great job doing surgery in the Philippines. But, there was too much damage Dr Valasco TBD
PDF File: Click Here Dec 12th, 2002 Arizona Gastroenterology Dr Seip who saved my life following a surgical accident by Dr Mohammed Tahir. Dr Seip placed a stint in my pancreas to save my life. However, I suffered a massive pancreatitis attack following the stint placement, and already internally damaged from the 48 hour bile leak throughout my abdomen and all over my organs. The Dr found the bile leak that was leaking all over my organs following a botched Gallbladder surgery 48 hours earlier. He mentions the pain (tenderness) will be for life and never to have surgery. He saved my life and following his intervention I took Bextra an anti-inflammatory for years until it was taken off the market Dr Michael Seip TBD
PDF File: Click Here May 20, 2002 Phizer's "Bextra" Pain Medication My life was changed after the surgery disaster and almost died. While in ICU a pain specialist came to see me and offered me a new drug in only pill form. He said I would have to sign a release and withing 48 hours I was out of ICU ready to be discharged with the help of a tiny pill. Phizer's Bextra stopped the horrible deadly Pancreatitis attack I suffered after the stint was put into my Pancreas to stop the bile leak. I'm working on a open lette to petition Phizer, the FDA and DEA to stop the suffering of pain sufferers. I was able to return to work with horrible internal injuries. This simple little pill, "Bextra" stopped the pain and inflammation allowing me to be a productive Programmer and Systems Engineer again. The opiate crisis has brought to light the need for a real life saving non-narcotic pain reliever that has less side effect than most of the medications you see advertised on TV these days. Phizer just didn't properly advertise the side effect and for that the public was deprived a real life saving drug Dr Michael Seip
PDF File: Click Here May 17th, 2002 Banner Baywwod Hospital Dr Mohamed Tahir clipped the bile duct on my pancreas and left it leaking 1) After the surgery ignored my pain in the recovery room, and in my hospital room until I was put in ICU and I screamed for another doctor.

This idiot had 7 pending suits on the Maricopa County Superior court website. I was in shock to almost die from a Gallbladder surgery, and then to find out this butcher was allowed to practice after having so many current lawsuits.
Mohamed Tahir TBD

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